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How Can I Prevent A Senior Citizen From Getting Into A Pedestrian Accident?

Getting outside and stretching your legs is good for the body and the mind, and seniors often partake in this kind of exercise. Virginia is known for its beautiful walking trails, including the Mount Vernon Trail and the Rock Castle Gorge Loop. If a senior citizen walks on sidewalks and streets, however, he is not as protected and is at risk for getting into a Virginia pedestrian accident.

Senior citizens can be at a higher risk for pedestrian accidents for several reasons. Understanding these reasons can help motorists and other pedestrians be vigilant and helpful in preventing pedestrian accidents.

Difficulty Hearing

Seniors who are hearing impaired are in danger of getting hit by a car whenever they attempt to cross a street or walk past a driveway. If they can’t hear the sound of a vehicle moving or a honking horn, vehicles could strike them and cause injuries.

Problems Seeing

Not being able to see what is going on around them puts seniors in danger. If an older person can’t see a car coming towards him, his safety is in jeopardy, particularly if he is walking on a busy street. Furthermore, if the senior can’t see the crosswalk or traffic signals, he may attempt to cross the road at the wrong time.

Getting Confused

If a senior has a history of getting confused, he may become lost while walking. The disorientation may also cause him to walk out into the road when he shouldn’t. He may also become lost and unfamiliar with the environment which puts him at risk for getting into an accident.

Virginia is a beautiful state to enjoy by foot, but senior citizens require extra precautions before hitting the streets. If possible, accompany the older person you love to prevent him from getting into an accident.

If you or someone you love is the victim of a Virginia pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation that can help pay for the medical bills you are facing. Contact the law offices of Lewis & Tompkins to find out how we may be able to help.

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