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I was injured in a bike accident recently while on a nighttime ride.

The driver of the car that hit me said that he never saw me riding on the road. Do I have a case against the driver to try to collect compensation for my injuries?

As with any bike accident case, the unique circumstances and facts can best be examined by a skilled and qualified bicycle accident attorney. But, there are a few basic questions that an attorney will ask to determine fault in a Washington, D.C., bicycle accident case. Although not conclusive, the answers to these questions are important factors in your bike accident claim and others like it.

  • Were you riding in a designated bike lane at the time of the accident?
  • Did you make efforts, as a cyclist, to make yourself visible to the motorist?
  • Was the driver of the car violating any traffic laws, such as speeding, swerving between lanes, running stoplights or signs, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Were you obeying all traffic laws specified for bicyclists?

It’s important to understand that in most states, cities, and towns, including the District of Columbia, bicycles are considered “vehicles”, just like cars, trucks and other automobiles are. This means, that bicyclists are held to the same standards as motorists, despite the fact that their vehicles are smaller and powered by human legs instead of an engine. So, visibility is not the only factor that determines fault in a car and bicycle collision.

Our experienced attorneys have successfully been serving victims of bicycle accidents in the District of Columbia for years, and we have the commitment necessary to help you assert your legal rights, even in the most difficult of bike accident cases. Help is a simple phone call away. Call Lewis & Tompkins today: 202-296-0666.