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I was recently injured in a Washington, D.C., bicycle accident when I hit an unavoidable pothole while commuting to work. What can I do to recover damages?

The accident that you have just described is one of the most difficult cases to fight on your own. While you have a duty to be aware of road conditions when riding your bicycle, there are certain situations that are not your responsibility. Occasionally, some road hazards are either so bad or situated so poorly that you have the choice to either avoid the hazard — a hazard like the pothole you hit — or swerve into traffic.

In this situation, the city, town or county that maintains the road you were riding on may be responsible for the injuries you sustained. The city has a responsibility to keep the road, path, or sidewalk that you must ride on a safe one. By leaving potholes, cracks, or other hazards, it is only a matter of time before someone is injured — or even killed — by hitting the hazard or trying to avoid the hazard.

This is where filing a claim for your district bike accident can get very challenging. In a standard accident, you are only filing a claim against an individual, which is typically a fairly straightforward process. Filing a claim against any government entity can get difficult very quickly.

If you think that the city is to blame for your D.C. bicycle accident injuries and you want to recover damages, do not attempt to go it alone. Only an experienced attorney will be able to ensure that your claim is filed properly and taken seriously. Contact the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. bike accident attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins today at 202-296-0666 to discuss your case.