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If I’m involved in a minor Virginia bicycle accident, do I really need to call a lawyer? If I’m ok enough to ride away, why shouldn’t I just do that?

If you are ever involved in a minor Virginia bicycle accident, speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney right away is an important step to consider, even if you are actively communicating with an insurance company. If you decide to contact a lawyer about your bicycle accident, be sure to consult with a firm that specializes in bicycle accidents and is familiar with all of the specific state laws that are unique to Virginia bike accidents. This can help you to receive the most comprehensive and complete settlement for your accident injuries and property damage.

How Will A Bike Accident Attorney Help Me?

  • Without an attorney, you may sign away your legal rights and not even know it! In some cases, an insurance company may ask you to sign a waiver or release form, stating that you are satisfied with the claim settlement that the insurance company offers. If you do this, you are waiving your right to file any additional claims against your insurance company in regards to the accident.
  • Your injuries may be more severe than you think. Some minor aches or pains, and scrapes or bruises may actually be evidence of more significant injuries that surface in the days immediately following. An attorney will help you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to for these injuries.
  • If there are any other claims against you related to the incident, an attorney would help you navigate through the complicated process. An example of this may include if your bike accident with a motorist causes another vehicle to get into an accident. When there are multiple claims in the mix, sorting through the details can be very overwhelming and quite difficult.

If you are ever involved in a bike accident and don’t know what to do next, don’t panic! Call Lewis & Tompkins for advice and guidance on your next steps. We can help guide you through the process and have the experience needed to investigate your claim, even if the police don’t want to do so properly. At Lewis & Tompkins, we will thoroughly examine every detail of your accident claim and fight for your full and complete legal rights.