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Which is more dangerous, riding a bike or riding a motorcycle?

According to annual safety reports from the Virginia Highway Safety Office (VHSO) and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, approximately 120,000 crashes and traffic accidents occur each year. These accidents, which include cars, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians, result in over 1,000 deaths and 70,000 serious injuries annually in the commonwealth of Virginia alone.

Crash, Injury And Fatality Rates Of Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles And Bikes

Although many of these accidents involved cars crashing into other cars, the amount of damage and the severity of injuries involved when cars collide with motorcycles and bikes is absolutely staggering. The motorcycle fatality rate is over 17 times greater, and bicycle fatality rates are nearly 10 times greater than that for automobiles.

In 2013, bicycle and motorcycle injuries and deaths in Virginia were as follows:

Bike accidents:

  • 800 reported accidents
  • 739 serious injuries (92 percent of bike accidents result in serious injuries)
  • 10 deaths (1.3 percent of bike accidents result in fatal injuries)

Motorcycle accidents:

  • 2,000 reported accidents
  • 1,800 serious injuries (90% of motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries)
  • 60 deaths (3% result in fatalities)

The lack of protection that is inherent with bikes and motorcycles make them dangerously susceptible to damages when an accident occurs. Although motorcycle accidents are more than twice as likely as bike accidents to be fatal, both types of accidents have rates of sustained injuries that are extremely high when compared to automobiles (73% injury and .8% fatality rates).

Therefore, when riding your bike or your motorcycle, always take proper precautions and ride as safely as you can to avoid a possibly tragic accident. Remember, the odds of escaping an accident unharmed are not in your favor, so it’s best to try to avoid dangerous situations altogether to make sure your ride is smooth and safe.

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