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I was hurt in a car wreck with an uninsured driver. Why don’t these people get car insurance?

First of all, we are sorry to hear that you got hurt in a car accident. Finding out that the person responsible for the accident is an uninsured motorist certainly adds to your distress.

Even though people are required by law to get liability insurance coverage, many people elect to violate the law. These people simply don’t purchase insurance coverage. Uninsured motorists give several reasons for violating the law. A person may not have insurance coverage because:

  • He claims that he does not use the car very much.
  • He claims the car doesn’t work.
  • He claims that insurance costs too much.
  • He claims that he cannot afford to buy insurance because of other expenses.
  • He believes he is a good driver and that he doesn’t need insurance.
  • He believes that he would receive no benefit from the insurance policy.
  • He claims that he couldn’t find a good insurance company.
  • He doesn’t believe in purchasing any kind of insurance.
  • He claims that his previous insurance company canceled his policy and he hasn’t found another one.
  • He claims that he plans to buy insurance, but that he just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

If you got hurt in a traffic accident with an uninsured driver, you may want to discuss your options with a Maryland uninsured motorist accident lawyer. You should consider contacting our Virginia traffic accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins. Just call 202-296-0666 or fill out our online contact form. One of our lawyers will speak with you about your potential case.