Motorcycle Accidents Questions

I’m a Maryland motorcyclist who loves riding on the freeways. I’m often on the DC-5 but I hate passing the large semi-trucks. Do you have any tips for staying safe while riding? I was injured in a recent motorcycle accident in Montgomery County. I recently heard the term “comparative negligence” but don’t understand what it means in regards to my motorcycle accident case. Does this term apply to my injury claims in Maryland? I was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, and the insurance companies are fighting over fault. Why is it so difficult to assign fault after a D.C. motorcycle accident? In an effort to reduce motorcycle accidents, are motorcyclists required to take any special courses or safety classes before getting a license in Virginia? If I am involved in a motorcycle accident, should I try to settle with the insurance company first before contacting a D.C. motorcycle accident attorney? I know that helmets are important for protection in a Washington, D.C. area motorcycle accident, but what are the laws regarding protective gear? A What should my plan of action be following a Washington, DC motorcycle accident? My friend was recently involved in a very minor Bethesda motorcycle accident, but the incident still has me spooked. What sort of things do I need to look out for to keep myself safe on my bike? I wasn’t wearing a helmet in my Washington, D.C. area motorcycle accident—will I still be able to collect damages for my injuries from the other driver? I just got a new motorcycle. How can I keep myself safe when I ride?
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