Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents Questions

Are bike accident head injuries worse for adults or children? What type of weather is the most dangerous for pedestrian accidents? Which is more dangerous, riding a bike or riding a motorcycle? My daughter loves to play outside with the neighborhood kids, but I worry about her being hit by a car. What tips can you give me to protect her from accidents? Who has the right of way when I approach an intersection on my bike, and the car next to me wants to turn right? Are bike groups more dangerous than they are beneficial? What is the NHTSA and how does it affect my bike riding? Can your mood truly affect how you ride a bike? What is the most dangerous time to go for a walk? Am I at fault if a pedestrian becomes injured after walking into my car, when I have the right of way? Can I receive damages from multiple sources for my pedestrian accident? How long do I have to file a claim for my bicycle accident? Do I have to ride my bike in a bike lane or can I use the sidewalk? I will be visiting Washington, DC and would like to rent a bike to tour the city. Do you have any safety tips for DC bicycle tourists? Am I at fault if I open my car door and hit a bicyclist? What if I don’t see the bicyclist? I live on a quiet cul-de-sac in the Virginia suburbs. Do I really need to supervise my children while they play outside? How can I prevent a senior citizen from getting into a pedestrian accident? Why do bicycle helmets sometimes fail to offer the proper protection needed to prevent head injuries during bike accidents? Can we file a claim if my child was injured in a bike accident, but wasn’t wearing his bike helmet? If I’m involved in a minor Virginia bicycle accident, do I really need to call a lawyer? If I’m ok enough to ride away, why shouldn’t I just do that? What role do property owners, either commercial, public, or private, play in preventing pedestrian accidents on sidewalks during winter months? Without properly cleared paths and lanes, cyclists will be forced to ride on dangerous, slick streets, in the midst of heavy flowing traffic Are bicyclists required to ride as far to the right as possible on the road, or is it ever all right to ride in the middle of a lane of traffic? What are some the most common bike accident injuries that cyclists experience, and why do I need to get a lawyer involved if I am injured in a bike accident? I was injured in a bike accident recently while on a nighttime ride. If bike trailers are supposed to be a safe mode of transportation for children, then who’s responsible if my child is injured while riding in one behind my bicycle? What should I do if I’m in a bicycle accident, but I think I’m all right? Do I really need to report the accident if it doesn’t seem serious? I was recently injured in a Washington, D.C., bicycle accident when I hit an unavoidable pothole while commuting to work. What can I do to recover damages? I worry about my family’s safety while we are out walking. What can I do to prevent us from becoming victims of a Virginia pedestrian accident? I recently received minor injuries in a Bethesda pedestrian accident, and the driver left the scene. Should I pursue a lawsuit? I have heard that bicyclists are more likely to be injured in a Bethesda bicycle accident if they are wearing a helmet. Is that true? I commute to work on my bike, and there are some really busy roads that do not have much room to ride alongside cars. What can I do to avoid being in a Washington, DC biking accident? If I am injured in a Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident, which insurance policy covers my damages? What should I do if I am involved in a Washington, D.C.-area bicycle accident that was possibly caused by a defective part on my bike? What compensation am I entitled to in my Washington, D.C. area bicycle accident injury case? I was recently injured in a Prince George’s County bike accident, but no other cars or people were involved. Can I still collect compensation for my damages? Are cars always held liable in Washington, D.C. and Virginia pedestrian accidents? My family rides bikes for recreation and when running quick errands.
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