Plane Crashes, Injuries and Deaths Library

  • Dangers of Flying Banner Planes
    Banner planes may be an accepted part of your Maryland or Virginia beach vacation, but you may not have realized that flying a banner plane can be extremely dangerous. Banner planes often have to make emergency landings and crash landings, and picking up and flying the huge advertisements can lead to plane crashes and plane crash injuries.

  • Pilot Error: The Most Common Cause of Airplane Crashes
    The most common cause of plane accidents is not adverse weather conditions or mechanical errors - it is simple human error. The following article explains why pilot error is so prevalent in our skies and gives a number of examples of deadly pilot errors that led to plan crashes around the world.

  • Federal Aviation Administration Information | FAA Facts
    The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for keeping flying as safe as possible. However the government agency has often been under fire for not preventing as many air plane accidents as possible. Read more information about the FAA in this article.

  • Common Reasons For Plane Accidents
    Why do airplane accidents happen? Just as with other vehicle accidents, there are a number of causes, ranging from human error to bird strikes to adverse weather conditions.

  • Plane Accident Statistics
    Plane accidents are more common than many people think - with around 1,000 people dying in aircraft accidents each year. Read some shocking plane accident statistics and learn about how small aircraft are more likely to crash than larger jets.

  • Plane Crashes, Injuries and Deaths-Virginia, Maryland, D.C. Lewis and Tompkins Personal Injury
    When TWA Flight 800 exploded in mid-air ten years ago, the cause was found to be a surge in the electrical wiring that sent a charge into the fuel tanks. After a decade, the FAA has done nothing to fix this design flaw.

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