The Most Dangerous Intersections in DC

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Back in May, the Washington Post compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in D.C. The rankings were based on the number of pedestrian injuries that occurred at these intersections between the years of 2004 and 2006.

Without a doubt, the most dangerous quadrant in the city for pedestrians is Northwest, where 16 of the 30 most dangerous intersections are located and where 105 pedestrian injuries took place. Considering that most of the tourist attractions as well as business hubs like K Street, U Street and DuPont Circle are located in Northwest, it comes as no real surprise that so many pedestrian accidents occur there. But Northeast and Southeast also have more than their share, and considering the development that has been occurring on H Street in Northeast, as well as the construction of Nationals Park in Southeast, you can expect pedestrian accidents in these other two quadrants of the city to occur with more frequency.

What follows is a list of some of the most dangerous intersections in DC, complete with a Google Maps overhead view of the intersection.

Benning Road and Minnesota Ave, NE: As you can see from the link, this intersection is right off the Anacostia Freeway, and the stretch of Minnesota Avenue before the intersection is more industrial than residential. With not too many visible pedestrians before the intersection, drivers are used to driving at a high rate of speed.

14th Street and U Street, NW: It is probably hard to tell from the overhead view, but this section is the entrance to one of the biggest nightlife districts in D.C. On any given night, you can find thousands of people hitting the clubs, bars and restaurants to both the east and west of 14th. On weekends, the number of pedestrians goes even higher.

18th Street and Columbia Road, NW: This intersection is smack dab in the middle of the Adams Morgan neighborhood, one of the most densely packed neighborhoods in Northwest. It combines business with residential with nightclubs all within a few blocks of each other. If you have ever been in Adams Morgan on a weekend night, you know exactly how many pedestrians are walking around.

Bladensburg Road and New York Ave, NE: New York Avenue NE is better known as Route 50, a multiple lane road going east to west, and it intersects with Bladensburg Road in a fairly unprotected manner.

H Street and 8th Street, NE: This section of Northeast has undergone real development as of late, and part of that development has involved a series of bars and clubs. H Street is also a multilane road with a

Mt. Olivet Road and West Virginia Ave, NE: Mt. Olivet Road is almost rural for a good stretch, and the residential part of West Virginia Avenue has a tendency to creep up on drivers on Mt. Olivet Road.

Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street, NW: Even though this part of town is near the Smithsonian and the Mall, it isn’t the tourists that are in danger as much as it is the office workers. This intersection is right in the midst of Federal Triangle, FBI Headquarters and the Archives. That’s tens of thousands of office workers and pedestrians in that area on a daily basis.

Spring Road and 14th Street, NW: This area is heavily residential, and it is a part of town where not everyone feels the need to hop in their car every time they want to go somewhere.

Bear in mind that these are only eight of the thirty intersections on the list. Follow this link to see the rest of the list.

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