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A Disturbing Trend: Growing Numbers of Uninsured Drivers Cause Increase in Capital District and Virginia Uninsured Car Accident Claims

Rush hour traffic in the Capital District is overwhelming. Famed for its clogged highways, the Washington, D.C. area boasts a large amount of commuters that travel from all directions only to converge on the same highways that are operating well above maximum capacity.

You have probably been stuck in this traffic more times than you can count, and perhaps had other drivers spike your adrenaline levels more than once with an errant lane change, driving at excessive speeds, or slamming on their brakes. What those of you, especially commuters from Maryland, may not know is that Virginia drivers are not required to have auto insurance.

Protecting Yourself From A Virginia Uninsured Motorist Claim

Many states, including Maryland, have the luxury of uninsured motorist clauses on their policies that mandate the insurance carrier provides uninsured motorist coverage for their customers. For Maryland drivers sharing the roads with Virginia drivers, that may or may not be insured, this is a huge relief.

That is not to say that all Virginia drivers are on the roads without proper coverage. Far from it — many Virginians are aware of the problem and choose to protect themselves from uninsured drivers by purchasing uninsured motorist coverage on their policies. Unfortunately, the current economy has made it difficult for people to make the right choice to ensure when the money may be sorely needed elsewhere. This leaves the responsible drivers, like yourself, to carry the burden for everyone else.

The Tricky Art Of Maryland, Virginia And Washington, D.C., Uninsured Car Accident Claims

If you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured motorist, it can make your life very difficult. It is likely that the person without insurance may not have the resources to pay for much of your damages, leaving your insurance company to cover the rest. Of course, when you call upon your insurance company to cover the actions of the uninsured driver, your insurer acts as a representative of the other driver, so you end up bargaining with your own insurance company.

This is why it is so important to have an experienced team of lawyers on your side if you are ever in a wreck with an uninsured motorist. The Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia uninsured car accident claim attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins will work closely with you to make sure that your rights are protected and that your insurance company keeps your interests as their true priority. Call today for a free consultation at 202-296-0666.