Unnecessary Surgery | Virginia, Maryland & DC Medical Malpractice Lawyer

This week we brought you a shocking story of St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland, where almost 400 patients have been notified that they had unnecessary heart surgery to fix blockages that didn’t exist. These patients not only went through the trauma of thinking they had a serious heart problem, they must also take prescription medicine for the rest of their lives.

Unnecessary surgery is a rapidly growing problem in the United States, and it is a form of medical malpractice that can permanently damage lives and lower quality of life. According to the New York Times, surgery has doubled since the 1980s – and it has not lead to longer lives. Some even believe that as many as 7.5 million unnecessary surgeries take place each year. These surgeries can have life-threatening complications or can require a lifetime of prescription medication. In addition, surgery can result in drastic lifestyle changes.

The most common types of unnecessary surgeries are bypass surgery, hysterectomies, and c-sections.

Can you file a medical malpractice lawsuit if you have undergone an unnecessary surgery, or if you had a more extensive surgery than necessary? You may have a case, especially if your doctor lied to you in order to perform the surgery, if the surgery departed from common medical wisdom and practice, or if there was no real need for the surgery at all. The most definitive way to know whether your unnecessary surgery was medical malpractice is to talk to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in your area.

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