What Will Lewis and Tompkins Do For You? (Part 1 of 2)

Lewis and Tompkins is a D.C. injury law firm that helps those who have been injured in accidents due to no fault of their own. We offer aggressive legal counsel for those who have been hurt in car accidents, truck crashes, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and trips or falls. We help those who have suffered due to medical malpractice and negligence, and we help the families of those who have lost a loved one due to the incompetence or irresponsibility of someone else. We also help those in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact the law offices of Lewis and Tompkins today.

Many injury law firms think it’s a good idea to keep their clients in the dark. They use many different rationales for doing so. “The client has enough to worry about. Why trouble them with every detail?” Some law firms don’t even bother to keep their clients posted until they feel that there is something to report.

At Lewis and Tompkins, we understand that being involved in a lawsuit can be a stressful and at times terrifying experience. The last thing an injury victim needs is to be left in the dark when it comes to the progress of a case that is incredibly important to their current well being and their future security. We make it a point to brief all of our clients every step of the way, and we would also like to take this opportunity to give you an overview of the services that we provide during a case. Although no case is “typical,” there are certain situations that occur with consistency in almost every case.

Initial Client Interview: When we first meet with our clients, we have them tell us their story. We want to know what sort of accident they were in, how bad the injuries were, who was at fault, and how they were treated afterwards. This is what helps us determine whether or not they have a case.

Going Over the Options: Once we determine that our clients have legitimate legal grounds for damages, we advise them as to what sort of damages they should be seeking.

Assembling the Evidence: At this point, we have to examine the accident reports, go over the medical reports and look at any bills or invoices. We also start examining witness statements, photographs and physical evidence.

Insurance Issues: We take a serious look at your auto insurance policy to see what your coverage is like, and to see if they will be able to pay for any of your losses or damages, and we also take a look at your health insurance coverage to see if any money that is won in settlement or judgment must be repaid.

Case Legal Analysis: We look at your case from an impartial legal standpoint to see if there are any conceivable weaknesses, such as contributory negligence or assumption of risk.

Complete Medical Analysis: We examine both your past and present medical records and consult with the doctors that have treated you so that we may have a complete understanding of your condition. We then consult with medical experts so that you will have support for your claim.

Filing: We file any necessary insurance claim forms for you. We are familiar enough with the ways of insurance companies to know that they are looking for any reason to deny or delay a claim, and an improperly filed form is just one of them. That won’t happen with us.

Insurance Company Negotiations: We let the insurers know about the claim and discuss aspects of your case with them. We negotiate with them in an attempt to settle the claim.

Negotiation vs. Litigation: Once negotiations have gone as far as they are going to go, we help the client decide whether or not to accept the settlement offer or to move ahead and file a lawsuit.

Settlement Issues: When an injury victim receives a settlement, their own insurance company will sometimes file liens against the settlement to recover any money that they spent to cover damages while the injured party was waiting for the case to resolve itself. We will go over these liens and determine if they are valid, or try to minimize them or have them dismissed.

In part two, we will discuss what we do for our clients in the event that settlement negotiations break down and we are forced to go to trial.

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