Winter Weather Conditions And Car Accidents | Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

This week we covered a deadly car accident on I-68 in which a man trying to negotiate a curve in the road lost control of his car and died in the ensuing rollover accident. The accident was caused by snow on the ground. Even in mild climates like those found in Maryland and Virginia, snow and other winter weather can be a deadly to drivers.

In Mid-Atlantic states that only sometimes see winter storms, ice, snow, and other inclement weather, car accidents and car accident injuries stemming from poor conditions can be even more common than in the Northern states. Often, drivers in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia do not have much experience driving in snow or ice and do not know safe winter driving techniques. In addition, drivers without much driving experience in snow may not know to stay off of the roads during a snowstorm or ice storm.

Finally, cars in Maryland and Virginia may not be properly equipped to deal with snow and ice. While drivers who live in colder climates often carry snow chains, ice scrappers, sand bags, and windshield fluid – and while drivers in colder climates often have four-wheel drive and snow tires – southern drivers may not be as prepared for winter driving when a storm does strike. Especially during the first winter storm of the season, the number of car accidents, car accident injuries, and car accident fatalities can skyrocket in the region.

Just because weather may have been involved in your serious car accident does not necessarily mean that someone else is not at fault. For example, another car may have been driving recklessly considering the weather conditions.

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