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Class action lawsuit over deceptive marketing results in $117M

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Defective Products & Consumer Protection

Plaintiffs across the nation, including in D.C. and Maryland, filed a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over deceptive marketing of its pelvic mesh products. When a company’s marketing team provides information about a product but neglects to include its risks of possible harm or dangers, purchasers may file a legal action to recover from any damages. At Lewis & Tompkins, we understand how debilitating injuries from dangerous products may result in a severe reduction in your quality of life. 

According to the lawsuit filed against J&J, not only has the pelvic mesh product caused physical harm, including bleeding and pain, it has also caused severe complications. Numerous women required expensive medical treatment or corrective procedures to remedy the physiological damage the J&J devices have caused. 

A legal action is often necessary to warn other consumers about a product’s dangers and to force regulators to investigate a company’s deceptive marketing practices. The lawsuit filed against J&J alleged that the company marketed its pelvic mesh products using deceptive tactics. Investigators found that the company failed to disclose the product’s medical dangers, which include eroding mesh, loss of libido, and the potential need for additional corrective surgery. 

As reported by ABC News, the company reached a $117 million settlement with the represented class, but its pelvic mesh products remain on the market. The settlement, however, requires J&J to disclose in its marketing practices the mesh products’ risks and potential dangers. By doing so, consumers may make informed decisions with their surgeons regarding the use of the product. 

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