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Tips to avoid distracted driving

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving can lead to disastrous impacts. Because distracted driving can cause car accidents, tips to help drivers avoid driving while distracted are useful to be familiar with.

Tips to avoid distracted driving

Distracted driving can be avoided in a variety of different ways including:

  • Refrain from eating while driving – drivers who eat while driving may be driving with only one hand and may fumble for the food or drop it, taking their eyes off the roadway and hands off the wheel.
  • Avoid fiddling with the radio or other electronics while driving – drivers who are adjusting a radio, navigation system, video or other electronic device while driving may take their eyes off the roadway and hands off the wheel and cause accidents.
  • Refrain from cell phone use while driving – drivers should avoid any and all cell phone use that is hands free; use of a cell phone that is not hands free is illegal in the District. Drivers should not email or text while driving and texting while driving can be particularly dangerous.
  • Avoid playing the radio too loudly and conversations with passengers – by playing the radio too loudly or carrying on extensive conversations with passengers, the driver can become distracted and may cause car accidents. Drivers may also be unable to hear emergency sirens or other driving cues they may need to be aware of.
  • Do not fumble for dropped items while driving – drivers should not fumble around for items dropped or lost while driving which can cause them to remove their eyes from the roadway, attention from driving and hands from the wheel which is a recipe for a distracted driving-related car accident.

Remedies for victims of distracted driving

When drivers remove their eyes from the roadway even for a period of seconds, car accidents that leave victims with serious and catastrophic injuries can result. Car accidents may be prevented when drivers do not drive distracted and car accident victims injured by a distracted driver are protected by personal injury legal protections.