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How Safe Are You In A Virginia Or Maryland Vehicle Accident?

One of the first steps in avoiding a catastrophic car accident in Maryland or the D.C. metro area is to understand that not all cars are built the same. This might seem like an obvious statement, but in reality, many motorists have a narrow perspective on choosing a vehicle to drive, and what their driving habits will. Each of these, however, can significantly influence the severity of a motor vehicle accident, and any injuries that could occur as a result.

Size Can Determine Car Crash and Injury Severity

Automobile manufacturers offer different features to fit the needs of a wide range of drivers on the roads. But one fact will always ring true: the laws of physics never change.

  • Small vehicles offer very little protection and typically won’t emerge on the winning end of a motor vehicle collision with a larger truck, SUV or semi.
  • Large vehicles, like SUVs, trucks or vans, have a high center of gravity and are therefore more likely to roll over in the event of an accident compared to smaller, lower-riding cars.
  • Wide-bodied vehicles take up more space on the road, leaving less room for error by other drivers. This can be a significant factor of Maryland car accidents that occur in crowded parking lots and busy, narrow city streets.

Vehicle Construction Matters

Cheap materials used to produce vehicles offer little protection for drivers during collisions. Ineffective bumpers, weak side-door panels, and poorly constructed chassis (car frames) can virtually crumble during a crash, failing to provide crucial protection to passengers inside. One manufacturer design feature, like a quiet engine, for instance, may actually prove deadly for pedestrians and those with visual or hearing disabilities.

Human Factors Play Key Roles In Vehicle Accidents

How much driving experience does the motorist have? How well does the vehicle owner maintain and care for the vehicle? Is the driver under the influence of any drugs or alcohol?

Young drivers often operate small cars because of the affordability and ease of maneuvering. However, statistics show that drivers of small cars are at a higher risk of being involved in crashes than those in larger vehicles.

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