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Truck Accidents Library

  • Capital District Truck Driver Fatigue Laws: Rules with a Reason
    Maryland and Virginia truck drivers’ maximum weekly driving hours were just reduced — but will it help avoid accidents?
  • Virginia Truck Crash Attorney: Passing a Truck Safely
    When you must pass a large truck, you need to do so in a safe way. A Virginia truck accident lawyer explains how.
  • Truck Accidents And Improperly Loaded Trucks
    Even if the truck driver involved in your truck accident was being responsible, your truck accident may be the fault of the trucking company that loaded the cargo into the tractor-trailer. An improperly loaded truck can cause objects to shift or fall during transport — and cause trucks to roll over or flip unexpectedly.
  • The Three Reasons You Need A Virginia/D.C./Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer
    Truck accidents are simply more complicated than car accidents. Truck companies know all of the right tricks to keep you from receiving compensation, as they are often confronted with truck accident personal injury cases. To ensure that you fully understand how to take on a truck accident injury case, make certain you have an experienced truck accident lawyer overseeing your case.
  • Dangers Of Lost Loads And Highway Debris In Washington Each year, 350 accidents across Washington state are caused by improperly secured loads. When loads fly off of truck beds or 18-wheelers, the results can be deadly. Do you know the penalties for an unsecured load in Washington? Do you know how to properly secure your load before driving?
  • DC Truck Accident Lawyers Serving D.C., MD, VA A recent hearing at the House of Representatives shows that hundreds of truckers a year take to our roads with fake certificates of health. Considering the damage that a truck can do, we think this is a bad idea.
  • DC Truck Accident Lawyers Serving D.C., MD, VA Most truck accidents don’t just happen. They are caused by either the driver of the truck or the driver of a car.
  • DC Truck Accident Lawyers Serving D.C., MD, VA
    While many truck accidents are caused by the drivers of the trucks, some are the fault of the other driver. D.C. truck accident attorneys Lewis & Tompkins offer advice on how to avoid accidents with commercial trucks.
  • Washington, D.C., Truck Accident Attorney
    Lewis & Tompkins is a Washington, D.C., law firm that specializes in helping those who have been injured in accidents due to no fault of their own. It has been our experience that there is no traffic accident that is as destructive and potentially deadly than those involving commercial trucks. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in the D.C. metro area, contact Lewis & Tompkins for a free legal consultation today.