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Truck Accidents And Improperly Loaded Trucks: Do You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer?

What are the signs of a dangerous tractor-trailer? Perhaps it is swerving out of its lane. Perhaps the driver is distracted by a cell phone. Perhaps the driver is fatigued or driving under the influence. However, sometimes it is impossible to see a dangerous truck on the highway because the danger is hidden inside the trailer: improperly loaded cargo.

Although you may not be aware of it, the way in which a big rig is loaded with its cargo can mean the difference between a safe trip and a serious truck accident. Since most of the weight of a truck is carried in its cargo, the weight distribution and placement of that cargo can change the center of gravity of the truck, causing imbalance, unsteadiness, and truck rollovers.

A truck with improperly loaded cargo is a danger on our Virginia roads. If the truck is top-heavy, it may be much more likely to tip over on a ramp, rollover while changing lanes, or veer off the roadway during a gust of wind. If the truck’s cargo is loaded so that it shifts during transportation, the same problems can arise — often resulting in truck accidents and truck accident injuries.

When a truck’s cargo is improperly loaded, or when a truck’s cargo is improperly secured, any accidents resulting from the truck’s state is the fault of the truck company that loaded the 18-wheeler. Exposing the negligence of a truck company — and, specifically, those who loaded the truck that caused your accident — often requires the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer.