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The Three Reasons You Need A Virginia/D.C./Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

Did you know that truck accident personal injury cases are harder to take on than personal injury cases involving two privately-owned cars? It’s true. And there are several reasons for it. When you are involved with an accident with a truck, 18-wheeler or big rig, chances are you will have a more difficult fight for justice or compensation ahead of you. Here’s why:

  1. Insurance coverage is more complicated. In a regular car accident, you deal with your car insurance coverage and the car insurance coverage of the other person involved in the crash. With a truck accident, there could be many more parties involved, including the truck driver’s insurance, the insurance company of the truck itself, and the insurance company of the trucking company. When the tractor, trailer, and trucker are all covered separately, it can be difficult to know who pays damages and who was responsible.
  2. Truck accidents are almost always more serious. Trucks are significantly heavier than other vehicles, and they are also higher off of the ground than sedans and SUVs. This means that a collision with a truck often leads to more serious accident injuries — injuries that could keep you from work, result in permanent disabilities, or even be fatal. Instead of dealing with a rotator cuff injury or whiplash, truck accident injuries often include traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and nerve damage.
  3. Trucking companies know tricks. Since trucking companies deal with truck accidents much more often than you do, they often know the loopholes, tricks, and strategies to win truck accident injury cases. This is why it is imperative that you have an experienced, knowledgeable truck accident lawyer to level the playing field.