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Traveling Through Some D.C. Intersections Could Be Risky Business

Sometimes, the key to avoiding an injury is in knowing what things to stay away from in the first place. The phrase, “The key to a good offense is really a good defense” comes to mind. Although you can’t control what others do, you can control what you do to be proactive against such negligence. Protect yourself!

The concept can aptly apply to avoiding a car accident as well. During 2011, there were almost 18,000 car crashes throughout Washington, D.C. Of these, nearly 30 percent were considered injury collisions. Some were serious, and some were minor. Nonetheless, people were injured as a result. When looking at the entire listing of traffic accidents that occurred throughout the city, it is interesting to note that nearly 600 of these accidents occurred at only 10 locations.

We’ve provided you with a listing of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrian accidents in the city.

Ten Most Dangerous D.C. Intersections From 2011 Statistics

  1. New York Ave. and North Capitol St. – 78 crashes
  2. New York Ave. and Bladensburg Rd. – 76 crashes
  3. 14th Street and U Street – 63 crashes
  4. Minnesota Ave. and Benning Rd. – 59 crashes
  5. Florida Ave. and New York Ave. – 56 crashes
  6. Wisconsin Ave. and M Street – 55 crashes
  7. Fairlawn Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. – 47 crashes
  8. Stanton Rd. and Suitland Pkwy – 47 crashes
  9. Minnesota Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. – 46 crashes
  10. 7th Street and Florida Ave. – 42 crashes

For a wide number of reasons, car crashes at these D.C. intersections seem to be extremely common, affecting hundreds of individuals each year. If you must drive in these areas, please exercise caution, and pay close attention to the driving habits of other motorists.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident at one of these D.C. intersections, we may be able to help you collect the compensation you’re entitled to for your injuries. Call our law offices today at 202-296-0666 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.