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I was recently involved in a car accident in Washington, D.C.

The car that hit mine was speeding through an intersection at the time of the crash. Does speeding have any effect on my D.C. vehicle accident case?

Speed is a very important factor when determining the outcome of your Washington, D.C., car accident case. Speed is one of the most common contributors to traffic accidents. Weaving in and out of lanes on the freeway, speeding through intersection red lights, moving at excessive speeds in residential neighborhoods – all of these needlessly put motorists, pedestrians and cyclists at risk of serious injury or death. The fact about speeding is that even though it’s one of the most common causes of a car crash, it’s also one of the easiest to control.

What can speeding indicate about a Washington, D.C., car crash?

  • Driver recklessness – Drivers who speed often violate other traffic laws or practice other dangerous driving habits. These dangers may include: running red lights, failing to make complete stops at stop signs, talking on cellphones, or even failing to carry auto insurance. Drivers who are reckless behind the wheel often behave so in multiple ways, aside from only speeding.
  • Impaired driving – Studies show a connection between drunk driving and speeding. Although this is not the case for all speeders, drinking and driving accidents typically involve speeding as well. Drivers under the influence show poor judgment and a lack of concern for other drivers’ safety.
  • Injury and damage severity – Speeding cars take more time to stop than those traveling at the recommended speeds. Because of the increased speed of a car and its structural size, vehicle accidents that involve speeding typically result in greater physical injuries and more significant vehicle damage.

Each of these indications can play a critical role in determining the outcome of your D.C. car accident case. Speaking with a skilled accident attorney, like those on our legal team at Lewis & Tompkins, can help you understand the unique circumstances of your case and what your specific legal options may be. Call our Bethesda law offices today at 202-296-0666 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced D.C. car accident attorney.