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I’m a Maryland motorcyclist who loves riding on the freeways. I’m often on the DC-5 but I hate passing the large semi trucks. Do you have any tips for staying safe while riding?

You’re smart to take caution when passing these trucks. As Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys, we’ve seen our fair share of collisions on the DC-5. The best way to avoid getting into an accident is to stay alert and follow the rules of the road.

Staying Safe As A Motorcyclist On Maryland Highways

There are precautions you can take and keep in mind to stay safe on the highway. Here are a few tips to remember while on your next ride.

  • Stay out of truck and car blind spots. Even if you have to speed up slightly to get around the large semi trucks, do so. Hanging out in a driver’s blind spot puts you at greater risk because he has no way of knowing that you’re there. If he decides to make a fast lane change, you could get hit.
  • Always pass on the left. Truck drivers expect vehicles and motorcyclists to pass on the left, so they tend to stay extra vigilant when changing lanes this direction. Common rules on the highway suggest that it is unsafe to pass on the right, so truck drivers often do not expect motorcyclists to pass when in the right lane. If you’re behind a semi-truck, slow down and then pass on the left when it is safe.
  • Expect the unexpected. Driving a truck is very different than any other type of vehicle. The large size works like a sail on the highway. Heavy wind can push the side of the truck, causing it to swerve unexpectedly into the adjacent lane. Don’t hug the center of the lane and you will stay out of harm’s way. Trucks also have tire blowouts more often than passenger cars. This can cause an accident if you are not careful. Stay vigilant when you are in their path and expect the unexpected.

Although there is a risk riding on the freeway, it’s important to remember that if you are smart about how you ride and you remain alert while on the highway, you can greatly minimize your chances at being involved in a crash.

If you ride with other motorcyclists on the DC-5, we encourage you to share these safety tips with them.