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Can I Receive Damages From Multiple Sources For My Pedestrian Accident?

Severe accidents can happen anywhere. One second you’re waiting for the “walk” sign to cross the street, the next you’re face down on the sidewalk and the Montgomery County Police are trying to help you up and figure out what happened.

Was it your fault? If not, who’s to blame for your injuries?

You Can Hold Accountable Anyone Whose Negligence Led To Your Injury

Sometimes it is difficult to determine who’s truly at fault for an accident. If a car strikes you because you fell off an uneven curb, do you sue the driver that hit you or the city for not maintaining its sidewalks? Well, depending on the circumstances, you could seek damages from them both.

  • Car or truck drivers can be at fault if they were too close to a sidewalk or crosswalk, ran the light or could have reasonably avoided hitting you by driving defensively.
  • Store owners can be liable for sidewalk debris, uneven or ill-repaired sidewalk maintenance or distracting signs and billboards which can cause blind spots or distractions for drivers and pedestrians alike
  • Other pedestrians or cyclists can easily cause an accident by disregarding basic safety precautions; if they cause a car to swerve to avoid them — but as a result, the car hits you instead — they may be liable for damages for your injuries.
  • City ordinances require that sidewalks are well maintained and appropriate traffic signs are working and visible for both drivers and pedestrians. If an uneven curb or sidewalk causes an accident and appropriate safety signs aren’t posted or signals aren’t working, the city may be at fault.

No matter what the cause of the accident, your injuries, recovery, and treatment could last for years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let an experienced injury lawyer make sure you receive all the damages you deserve from every party that is at fault in order to help ease your recovery.

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