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My daughter loves to play outside with the neighborhood kids, but I worry about her being hit by a car. What tips can you give me to protect her from accidents?

These days, kids love to watch television and play computer games when they get home from school. As a parent, you love to see your kids unplug for a while and play with their friends outside or at one of the many beautiful parks in Montgomery County. The only problem is that allowing your children this freedom may put them at risk of being hit by a car.

Safety Tips For Parents

As a parent, there are certain things you can do to keep your children safe when they play outside including the following:

  • Set limits for your children. You know the boundaries of your neighborhood better than your children do. Set limits to where they can and cannot walk with their friends.
  • Always assign an adult to watch the kids. Children should always play outside under adult supervision. That way, you can remind your kids when to get out of the street for oncoming traffic.
  • Never make a quick trip inside without another adult present. Accidents happen in a matter of seconds; it doesn’t take long for an inexperienced driver to come speeding through your neighborhood. Never go inside to go to the bathroom or get a snack for the kids without another adult being present.
  • Put out safety signs. Give drivers ample warning that kids are playing in the street. Purchase street safety signs from your local hardware store and display them when your child goes outside to play.

Whether you live in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia, this is a job for your entire neighborhood. If you have friends with children who love to see their kids play outside, help them avoid a catastrophic accident by sharing this article on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.