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What should I do if I am involved in a Washington, D.C.-area bicycle accident that was possibly caused by a defective part on my bike?

Much like an auto accident that was caused by a defective part, such as a tire or braking system, you must follow very specific steps to ensure success in your Washington, D.C., bike accident injury case. If you are under the impression that your accident was caused by a faulty part on your bicycle, you have a challenge ahead of you in proving that the part was responsible for injuring you.

Just like an auto accident, you will have to go straight to your doctor or the hospital for medical attention. This starts a paper trail that not only proves that you sustained injuries, but it also shows that you actively sought medical attention for these injuries. Have your doctor take several pictures of your injuries to document your physical condition, as these may be useful later on in your case.

Another thing you need to be diligent about is documenting your accident, especially via photos of the accident, your bicycle, and the part that you believe to be defective. Keep your bike (and especially the part in question) completely intact; if you remove the part or change it in any way, it may become more difficult for an expert to prove that the part had been defective at the time of the crash.

If you or a loved one was injured in a bike wreck that may have been caused by a defective part on your bike, the time to act is now. Call the Bethesda bicycle injury attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins today to discuss your case. Our experienced lawyers are here to help you recover the compensation that you deserve. Dial 202-296-0666 for a free consultation.