Serious Injuries need Serious Lawyers

Lewis and Tompkins is a Washington, D.C. injury law firm dedicated to helping injury victims receive fair compensation for their pain, suffering and property loss. A big part of what we do involves helping those who have suffered from severe, life changing injuries. Spinal and brain injuries are the sort that can irrevocably alter the lives of the victims. Aside from medical costs, there is also a loss of income, the costs of pain and suffering, and the costs of the emotional trauma that affect both the victim and their loved ones. We consider all of these factors while representing your interests. If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious, life changing accident, contact Lewis and Tompkins for a free legal consultation today.

Most accidents don’t require the services of an attorney. After all, the word “accident” has many different meanings. Dropping something on the kitchen floor is an accident. So is cutting yourself shaving. Tripping on the curb and skinning your knees isn’t a life changing event. Hitting your head on a low hanging beam might cause a bruise or a bump, but it won’t adversely affect your life in the long run, or even really the short term.

But there are some accidents that are not events that you can simply shrug off. Some accidents bring with them consequences that can alter the lives of the victims. Accidents that result in spinal injuries, brain damage or other lifelong conditions are not only serious, but very expensive.

It goes without saying that serious brain or spinal injuries bring with them a huge amount of medical bills, but that is only part of the cost. If the damage is serious enough it could prevent the victim from working or earning a living, or the injury could require constant care from specialists. There is also a severe emotional cost, as the victim might no longer be able to engage in activities that he or she enjoys. There is no shortage of ways in which this could cost the victim and their families physically, financially and emotionally.

Brain Injuries: Since the brain is the most complex organ in the body, there is no shortage of ways in which damage to the brain can adversely affect the rest of the body. Among some of the more common problems associated with a traumatic brain injury are balance problems, behavior problems, cognitive disabilities, nerve damage, personality disorders, frequent seizures or sensory problems.

Even slight brain injuries can be expensive. The cost of treating head injuries can run anywhere from $85,000 to $3,000,000, depending on the level of severity.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Along with the brain, the spinal cord has the distinction of being one of the only structures in the human body that does not heal. Damage to the spine can be permanent, life altering and very costly. Movement is an important part of how the human body functions, and immobility can cause any number of complications. Changes in circulation and respiration, atrophy of muscles, joints and bones, muscle spasms, blood clots, pressure sores, bacterial infections, disruption of organ function, or any number of serious problems that require constant care and maintenance.

The costs of a spinal injury are staggering. In order to maintain the health and living standards of the victim of a spinal cord injury, it costs around $25,000 per person per year. And that’s only after there has been a decent amount of recovery time. The initial cost of the injury, including hospitalization, home modifications, medical equipment such as wheelchairs and respirators and the hiring of nursing staff if they are needed costs an average amount of $240,000.

You can also factor in the economic costs of what the victim won’t be earning anymore. A victim can suddenly go from earning $60,000 per year to earning nothing. And while it is difficult to put a price tag on emotional happiness, it should be considered that the great majority of activities that the victim used to enjoy will be closed off to him or her.

Most of you are thinking that while these bills are tragic, this is what insurance is for, right? If insurance companies lived up to their financial responsibilities, then you would be correct. But the problem is that they rarely do. Insurance companies stall, deny claims and offer low ball settlements on accidents that aren’t comparatively serious, and when the accident results in serious spinal or brain injuries, they kick their tactics into overdrive.

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