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Are Bike Groups More Dangerous Than They Are Beneficial?

Ever since you bought matching bikes, you’ve been trying to convince your husband to go on nightly rides with you around Hains Point. However, every night he has some excuse on how the traffic will be bad, or he saw on the news that bike accidents are more prevalent in the summer so you should both just stay home.

Although you don’t really want to ride solo, he may have a point about the increased chance of a bike accident. So then you’re stuck pondering on whether or not to keep bugging him for the potential rewards of an evening ride, wondering if the benefits are worth the possible traffic aggravations and danger, or whether you should just go by yourself and ease the worry?

Bike Group Risks vs. Benefits

Bike riding itself offers many physical, psychological and relaxing rewards while sharing that experience with friends and family can amplify those results even greater. However, with all things, risks and increased consequences must also be taken into account before you can truly appreciate the pleasures. Risks such as overcrowding, increased traffic dangers, and increased possibility of collisions can potentially ruin these benefits:

  • Exercise
  • Challenge of competition
  • Environmental awareness
  • Company
  • Shared experience of nature

Biking in large groups can definitely be dangerous — but so can biking solo, if rules, safety, and laws are disregarded. However, as long as you and everyone in your group are adequately versed in group riding, bike safety, and traffic regulations, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the benefits of bike riding without the fear of group risks.

Whether you decide to bike alone or with company, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Stay alert, follow the rules and don’t take chances; otherwise, you may wind up risking more than just your own life.

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