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Is The D.C. Bike Share Program Causing More Crashes In The City?

Over recent years, bike-sharing programs have begun to spread across the United States. Cities like Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; and NYC have all adopted bike share programs, encouraging the alternative method of transportation for residents, tourists and city workers. Washington, D.C., is among these cities. The city has made more than 1,800 bicycles available to rent at low costs for riders all over the metro area.

The goals of Washington, D.C.’s bike share program are:

  • Help reduce road congestion
  • Reduce the need for overcrowded parking lots
  • Improve traffic safety by reducing motor vehicle accidents
  • Help improve the environment and D.C. air quality
  • Relieve overcrowded public transit systems
  • Provide an economic method of transportation for short trips around the city without the use of gasoline


Not only does the bike-sharing program benefit Washington, D.C., but it also provides added benefits to riders, too.

  • Riders don’t have to worry about the stresses of bike ownership inside the city, such as: storage, theft, or bike maintenance.
  • Bicycle riding helps to promote a more active lifestyle, providing inexpensive transportation while offering a practical form of exercise without a going to a gym.
  • Riders have easy access to a bike virtually whenever they would like. Riders can rent bikes hourly, for a day at a time, or even purchase a monthly membership for more frequent bike riding. It’s all up to a rider’s personal preference.

There is a downside to the bike-sharing program. With more bicycles on the road, we are seeing more instances of Washington, D.C., bicycle collisions occurring. In cities with large amounts of traffic and extensive bike lanes marked out for cyclists, bicycle accidents have the potential to produce catastrophic injuries or even fatalities to cyclists in the D.C. metro area.

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