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The Dangers Of Having Your Child Along For The Bike Ride

You’ve been stuck at home all morning, trying to get work and your spring cleaning done before your children get home from preschool. It’s a beautiful day, so you decide to sit outside to clear your head and get some fresh air while waiting for their school bus to arrive.

As the bus stops and your kids start to run up the driveway, you hear them both screaming at you that they want to go play at the park. Unfortunately, your wife has the car and Caroline Freeland is almost a half mile away. You look at the hope-filled eyes of your children and remember that your mother-in-law gave you a bike carriage a few weeks ago that you and your wife were uncertain about using.

Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to haul it out, but is it safe enough for them?

Bike Carriage Awareness And Risks

When you put your child into an attached bike carriage or trailer, you could also be putting her at risk. Before attaching the carriage and your precious child to the back of your bike, make sure you take the proper precautions to avoid these three potential dangers.

  • Impaired maneuverability. Carriages and trailers add a significant amount of weight to the back of your bicycle, which can affect stopping distance and time as well as how much space you need to round corners. If your judgment is off even by a small margin, the carriage could flip, rock, or force you into traffic.
  • Possibility of detachment. Most carriages come with a secure attachment piece to hook the carriage directly to the bike. If this is not attached properly, you run the risk of the carriage and your child rolling away from you (especially on hills) and possibly into dangerous traffic.
  • Height risks. Bike carriages are naturally lower to the ground than the bike itself; this can cause visual difficulties for drivers who may see the biker but miss the fact that a carriage is attached. Also, if a vehicle does collide with the bike, the carriage and your child’s head and torso are pretty close to fender height, adding the risk of a traumatic head, neck or brain injury.

Taking your child with you on a nice leisurely bike ride can be fun for both of you; not only do you get some exercise without having to get a sitter, but he gets some fresh air while riding along in his own comfortable carriage. It’s a win-win, as long as you stay safe and are aware of any potential problems.

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