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Virginia Bike Accident Attorneys: Kids Must Follow Bike Helmet Rules

Spring brings warm weather, a shining sun, and kids just itching to get out and ride their bikes. But before you let your kids take off, you should remind them about bike helmet safety rules.

Why is bicycle helmet safety important?Kids see bikes as pure enjoyment. But, every year, thousands of kids must be rushed to emergency departments because of bike injuries. Some children even die from those injuries. Kids must take precautions to keep themselves safe.

Head injuries pose a huge safety risk for young riders

A head injury is one of the most serious kinds of injuries bike riders face. When a bike rider hurts his head, he may also hurt his brain. Brain injuries can cause many physical and mental problems for a young child. They can even lead to death.

Bike helmets protect kids’ heads

Parents must make sure their children wear helmets every time they ride their bikes, even if they are just going on a short ride, and even if they know the terrain or road well. Parents should make sure the helmets satisfy the safety standards set by the government. They should also make sure a child’s bike helmet fits properly. This is one piece of safety equipment that parents cannot reuse if it’s too small or buy a size larger so that the kid can “grow into it.”

Children should also be taught how to wear their helmets properly. A child must position a helmet correctly on her head and secure the straps. A child should not wear hats or headphones that interfere with the helmet’s fit.

Children should also be cautioned to take care of their helmets. They should not throw helmets to the ground or leave them outside in bad weather.

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