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Traffic crashes and marital strain

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions have many different causes, such as the carelessness of a driver or bad road conditions, and they can also turn a victim’s life upside down in a lot of different ways. Not only do many victims struggle due to financial problems, physical pain and mental trauma, but other challenges can arise for someone who is trying to recover from a tough crash. For example, someone who is married may experience various problems with their spouse (and those who are dating may also face difficulties in their relationship). Unfortunately, this can make it even harder for accident victims to recover and stand up for their rights.

Marital strain may arise for many reasons due to a car crash. Someone may become angry, depressed or irritable, which may cause their partner to lose interest in the relationship or want to move on in their lives. For example, an accident victim may develop post-traumatic stress disorder or significant depression after an accident. Or, financial strain may create friction between two spouses, whether they disagree on how to handle certain financial matters or simply have more pressure in their lives due to financial hardships.

Sometimes, people are able to work on their marriage and resolve these issues through counseling. In other cases, a marriage may even fall apart as a direct or indirect result of a car crash. This is why it is so crucial for those who have been involved in a car wreck to understand all of the different ways their lives may be negatively affected by the crash and take legal action, if necessary.