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What are the reasons people have serious falls?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Premises Liability

According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of accidental death, globally, behind only motor vehicle accidents.

The WHO estimates that about 684,000 people worldwide lose their lives to falls each year. While most of these fatalities occur in other parts of the world, the United States has its share of fatal slip-and-fall accidents.

On a similar note, over 37 million people worldwide must get medical attention because of a fall.

Age is the primary risk factor with respect to falling.

In the United States, those over 60 or more prone to serious injuries like broken bones, traumatic head injuries and spinal cord injuries due to falling. On the other hand, children are also more prone to serious falls.

Many times, children simply do not perceive when they are in danger of a serious fall, and even responsible parents and caretakers cannot supervise the kids in their care 100% of the time.

Other significant risk factors include working in a job that requires employees to work from heights or other precarious locations.

Unmanaged medical conditions, including medication side effects, can cause falls.

Another risk factor is when properties are unsafe.

Business owners and others can do a lot to prevent falling just by making sure that all people, including those who might not have the best motor skills or eyesight, can safely navigate their property.

Victims of serious falls in Maryland and Northern Virginia have legal options

After a serious fall, a victim or their family may have significant medical bills, lost wages and other costs and expenses. Serious falls also carry a hefty non-economic toll in the form of pain and emotional distress.

Another person or business may be responsible to pay for these losses if their negligence contributed to the victim’s fall. Victims should make sure they understand their legal options for obtaining compensation.