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Family recovers compensation after man dies through surgical error

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Firm News

Some people think that serious medical malpractice is uncommon, but that simply isn’t the case. Each year, thousands of families are impacted by negligent medical professionals whose actions and inactions sometimes result in death.

Tragically, that was the case for one Baltimore family who recently received a multi-million-dollar jury verdict for the avoidable death of their loved one.

Surgery goes wrong

In that case, the victim went to the hospital to have a growth removed from his kidney. But in the days following his surgery, the man experienced low blood pressure and exerted a foul smell from his surgical vent. Doctors conducted a second surgery to try to identify the issue and discovered that the man’s colon had been punctured by a surgical instrument.

Although some of the man’s colon was removed in an attempt to remedy the issue, the damage was already done. He later passed away due to multiple organ failure.

What can be learned from this case?

Any surgery, even those that are meant to be routine in nature, can lead to serious and avoidable harm. You need to listen to your body and, if you suspect that something went wrong during your operation, you should immediately raise your concerns to a medical professional. By obtaining prompt treatment, you might be able to mitigate the damage caused to you and more fully protect your health and well-being.

What if you’ve been harmed by medical malpractice?

If you’ve been injured by medical malpractice, then now is the time to take legal action. Juries are often sympathetic to the tragedy that’s been caused to victims and their families in these situations, so you’ll have a fair shot at finding accountability and recovering what you deserve. That said, you’ll need to be diligent in building your medical malpractice case so that you prove each and every element of the statue.