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When workers slip in an office environment

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Premises Liability

When people think about the different types of places in which slip-and-fall accidents occur, they may frequently think of grocery stores or retail businesses, icy roads or construction sites. While many slip-and-fall accidents occur in these areas, there are many other environments which can be dangerous and of particular concern with regard to these incidents. For example, office workers face a number of hazards, including the risk of falling down after slipping.

A slip-and-fall accident may occur in the office for a number of reasons. For example, an office worker may lose their balance after walking over a spill that was not cleaned up. Or, a leaky pipe may be to blame. Moreover, office workers may fall down outside of the building while heading to work in the morning or after a long day, and this may be especially concerning in colder parts of the country during certain times of the year. Workers may also slip on objects that have been left on the floor.

Regardless of why a worker slips and falls down, or the industry they are employed in, the consequences can be devastating. Life may never return to normal and the physical as well as financial toll of these accidents can be enormous. On our website, we go over many other topics that have to do with slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace and in other environments. Please read more to go into greater detail on some of the hardships that victims of these accidents may have to work through. Moreover, if the negligence of someone else caused the accident, litigation may be paramount.