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What is going on with the recent Nissan recall?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2019 | Defective Products & Consumer Protection

Product recalls are one way the government helps to keep consumers safe. When you hear about a recall, you get valuable information on whether you should worry or not if you have purchased the product in Maryland. Some recalls may not affect you. For example, a food product that may have contamination from nuts is not a concern for you if you are not allergic to nuts. Other recalls are incredibly important to pay attention to because if you do not, it could result in death. A good example of this is the recent Nissan recall.

NPR explains a brake system failure may lead to certain models of Nissan Pathfinders, Muranos, Maximas and Infiniti QX60s to burst into flames. The issue seems to be a faulty seal that allows for brake fluid to leak. This then leads to an electrical short that could start a fire. While there are no reports from anyone of injuries, the potential is there since this is a serious hazard.

Under the recall, if you own one of these vehicles, there is nothing you can do currently to fix it as Nissan has not yet figured out how to stop the leak. Instead, the company recommends not driving the vehicle if the brake light comes on and keeping it away from structures or anything flammable if the light is on.

Nissan hopes to have a solution soon. You should receive a notice in the mail of what to do to fix the situation. Usually, such recalls result in free maintenance from car dealership that sells you make and model of vehicle. This information is for education and is not legal advice.