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Car accidents, spinal cord injuries and how they cost you

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is hard to imagine yourself in a car accident. You might drive past them, but the thought of that trauma affecting you may seem like an impossibility. And then one day it is your reality. 

Imagining yourself coming out of any accident unscathed might be more of a fantasy. We are aware of the risk even minor accidents pose. What if it is an injury that leaves you staring at a life permanently changed? 

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs), severe or not, may affect you the rest of your life. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Database, approximately 294,000 Americans suffer from them. From the accident to everyday care for the years after, SCIs shake up your livelihood and your finances. 

SCI effects 

Depending on the height of your injury along your spine, you may experience a loss of control of your motor functions or legs up to full tetraplegia (the loss of motion to all four limbs). These may reverse with adequate recovery or physical therapy but beyond that, medical science has yet to produce a cure. 

SCI costs 

The initial year is the most expensive. Surgeries, therapy and establishing the new normal for your life can cost anywhere from $370,000-$1,100,000. Each year after involves plenty of maintenance costs estimated at an average of $45,000-$200,000. 

When seeking out compensation for these costs, you have to recognize that your insurance does not represent you in this situation. You have been in a traumatic and costly crash and your insurance may look to pay out as little as necessary for their bottom line. When you are suffering, get the payment you deserve.