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After the accident, mistakes that’ll wreck your case

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

In the aftermath of an accident, coping strategies become essential skills. People imagine the insurance company will handle all the particulars, but in fact, there’s a great deal that’s up to you.

Common mistakes people make

Here’s where folks often go wrong:

  • Underestimating injuries and not getting full and proper care. You might think, and insurance adjusters will abet you in this thinking, that if the vehicle sustained minimal or no damage your injuries must be negligible as well. This is a false correlation.

Some injuries present slowly. If not accounted for properly by a health practitioner trained in detecting these hidden injuries, your treatment may not be paid for when it’s needed.

  • Failing to document and vigilantly preserve evidence. At the scene of the accident, if humanly possible, photos and videos should be taken of vehicular damages, how the cars are positioned in relation to one another, roadway marks and the surrounding environment. Names of witnesses and their contact information should be collected as well.

In addition, you’ll need your own written, detailed account of what took place and what you experienced.

Finally, evidence of injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, rental expenses and out-of-pocket expenses should be carefully catalogued.

  • Relying too much on the insurance adjuster and not reckoning with the fact that the adjuster’s incentivized to limit damages recovery. Don’t provide more information than the polite, legal minimum to the adjuster. Don’t apologize or blame yourself for the mishap. Discuss these perceptions with your attorney. Don’t be rushed into a settlement.
  • Relying too little on an attorney experienced in this area of the law. Consulting with knowledgeable counsel while events are unfolding is critical to protecting your rights and navigating towards a positive outcome.

If car accidents are a fact of life, then these are skills one must hone. While the guidance of counsel is essential, how you assist in your case is critical to its success.