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Road death numbers in Maryland are reaching worrisome heights

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road safety is a priority for legislators, safety advocates and law enforcement. To improve the landscape, it is important to maintain statistics as to the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities as they occur. The most recent numbers show troubling signs for Maryland and drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians need to be cognizant of them.

Maryland’s road fatalities the worst in 16 years

The most recent count from the Maryland Department of Transportation shows there have been 456 road deaths in Maryland in 2023. This was as of early October meaning the numbers will undoubtedly grow. In 2022, there were 564 overall deaths. This year, the state is trending toward its worst year since 2007 when 615 people lost their lives on state roadways.

Surprisingly, 2020 saw a spike despite the national crisis leading to fewer people driving. That year, there were 39 more deaths than in 2019. Insiders say that many of these accidents are occurring on holiday weekends when there are more vehicles on the road.

Various organizations have received increased funding to try and stem the tide. It will focus on enforcing the traffic laws and giving law enforcement greater time and tools to address the issue. A major factor is the way people are driving.

Speeding, texting and driving and driving under the influence are major challenges that are difficult to overcome even with greater vigilance and education. Speed is one of the biggest concerns as the faster a vehicle is going, the worse the impact is. Five years ago, one accident in 243 led to a fatality. By 2022, it was one in 203.

There are steps to take after an auto accident

Auto accidents happen without warning. They can be life-changing for people in involved and their family members. Frequently, it is due to driver recklessness and misbehavior. The medical costs, lost wages and long-term implications are extensive.

People will need to think about their future when they have been hurt or lost a loved one in a crash. Given the statistics showing how accidents are on the rise, avoiding collisions is a priority. Unfortunately, some accidents cannot be prevented no matter what. A full understanding of the options available is essential in the immediate aftermath to make a full recovery in every way.